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Repair service

  • efficient repairs
  • defined throughput times
  • fast weak spot analysis
  • clear separation of spare and production parts

Quick help, at your location or at our company

Errors happen: A component does not work or was incorrectly mounted on the circuit board. This is annoying and delays your processes. So that you can still meet your delivery dates, we provide quick help - whether by hand at your location or by machine at one of our rework stations.

Europe's best hand soldering specialists in action for you

Your repairs are carried out by highly qualified personnel. Our employees have received multiple awards from the IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) at international soldering competitions.

High-precision work with the rework station

If a repair cannot be carried out by hand, a rework station for machine processing is available. The machine can be used to work in a highly precise manner that cannot be reproduced manually. The rework station can be used flexibly, especially for small series.

Our repair island - all in one place

Structured processes are crucial for optimal repair management. We have set up a special work area for handling your repair orders. This repair island includes both separate repair stations and a systematic recording of all parts used. On the one hand, teamwork is improved and on the other hand, the progress of your repair can be traced back completely.