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Audio electronics

From the product idea
To the implementation

Top experts in audio and speech recognition

Grundig Business Systems builds on over 60 years of audio experience and has launched the first digital dictation machine. Thanks to this background, we can draw on a wealth of experience in the audio field and assist you in development and production. In addition, you as a customer benefit from our partner network, which includes Nuance, the market leader in speech recognition.

Challenges in audio recording

Depending on the requirements and area of application, different approaches can be taken. The variables include constructive aspects, such as the positioning of the microphone capsule in the microphone and whether it is installed freely hanging or soldered. Just as important is the selection and programming of the codec module for optimal conversion of the audio signal.

Playback challenges

The purpose of the application is also important when it comes to playback. The setting of the sound level goes from maximum, for the sound reinforcement of an arena, up to a limited volume for headphones. From years of experience we know what is important and we also face special applications, for example for mobile use with radio transmission of the audio signals. We are also aware that the devices must be able to be produced economically.

Voice recognition and voice control

Controlling applications with voice commands is an ever-present topic. More and more devices such as smartphones, televisions and on-board computers recognize our language. The basis for this is a high quality recording. This is processed by the system to enable voice control. Control is often carried out using key terms that are firmly anchored in the system. However, the more sophisticated variant, in which naturally spoken sentences are recognized, is becoming increasingly relevant.

Applications through artificial intelligence

We are dealing with an incredibly diverse area in voice control. It borders on trend topics such as artificial intelligence and offers an extremely wide range of possible applications. When generating product ideas, it is therefore necessary to precisely define the goals and requirements.

Workshops on hardware and software development

You need strong partners when carrying out development projects. We offer workshops for developing ideas and developing use cases with solutions for hardware and software. We are happy to continue the cooperation afterwards and support you in further development and production.